Abbey & Wal's Backyard Rustic Wedding

I think it speaks to the tenacity and awesomeness of this lovely couple that they could still have the beautiful wedding you see here. If you’re wondering why I’m saying so, I’ll tell you right now. They had to postpone their wedding twice! 2020 was quite the year, and when Abbey and Wal chose to get married in April, they had no idea what was coming. COVID restrictions forced them to reschedule their celebration to September and then again to December! But it didn’t stop this fun-loving couple from having a beautiful ceremony with their loved ones. I love to capture special couples like these here at In Focus Media. So, when Abbey and Wal reached out, I was more than excited to cover their East Gippsland Wedding.

Abbey and Wal both got ready with their wedding party and family members. The joy and fun shared were clear as Abbey had a toast with her three bridesmaids and helped her dad pin on his boutonniere. Wal helped his dad with his boutonniere too as they all got ready. I was able to get lovely videos of this moment, along with Abbey’s mesmerising wedding gown and other important wedding details.

The Lemaitre’s had their ceremony at Lakes Entrance, Victoria. Their location which was pretty much in their backyard overlooked the beach and looked amazing with the lovely blue waves and the sun shining down. There was a funny part during the ceremony where Abbey discovered she didn’t have her correct vows! Their celebrant handled it beautifully by asking everyone to take a break. While this happened, her twin brother ran down to the house to get her phone, which had the vows on them. After that, they both read their heart-warming personalised vows and soon enough were pronounced husband and wife.

I was able to document this lovely couple and their family in many places on this day. I especially loved capturing them and their lovely wedding party on the beach. I loved everything about the relaxed atmosphere at Abbey and Wal’s reception. From the speeches to the dancing, it was obvious that this was a special wedding for exceptional people. I also loved the décor, which was really personalised and beautiful. The string lights also brought a beautiful glow to their reception and dance party. Everyone gave heartfelt speeches. Abbey and Wal had the most amazing news in their speech too. They shared that she is pregnant with identical twins (abbey the bride is also a twin). How exciting!

Being a part of this Gippsland wedding was one highlight of my year. That this fun-loving couple could have such a beautiful ceremony despite the previous challenges impressed me. Thank you for letting me be a part of your gorgeous celebration, Abbey and Wal. I wish you both many more happy years to come and congrats!

Capturing the beautiful moments that become priceless memories for families is my passion here at In Focus Media. So, if you’re looking for a wedding videographer in Gippsland, I’m the one for you. I believe that we can work together to document the special moments at your ceremony. To get started, contact me today!