I tell myself I’ll remember all of you,

but I can’t promise you this.

Even now, memories are fading, the way your voice sounded two years ago, the way when I close my eyes I try to replay you like a live photo that dances under my thumb.

But it doesn’t, not quite.

It’s unfair really, we grapple so hard to hold onto the moments of these early years, the years of first smiles, white noise and first words. The years we so desperately try to be present in, but never truly know how.

The hard years, offered in fragments. The years filtered in fatigue, one big beautiful blur.

It’s unfair how we never really stood a chance.

Because no matter how hard I stare at you, your profile changes before my eyes, leaving behind an outline of what once was. The way the waves leave wisps that draw ever changing patterns across the sand. I was here, they say. Just moments ago.

Jess Urlichs



- Photos you can feel -

Connection-based family photography that transports you back in time. As a family photographer, I understand the importance of capturing the unique connections and personalities of each family. My focus is on creating images that truly reflect the love and bond between family members.

My approach to family photography is relaxed and natural, allowing families to be themselves and interact in their own way. I believe that the best images come from real moments, so I strive to capture the laughter, the joy and the love that make your family special.

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Life at Home

Have you ever thought about documenting the everyday moments? Whether it's your child's mischievous grin over breakfast or the way you and your partner share a quiet moment on a lazy Sunday afternoon, these are the memories that truly matter. Let's freeze these fleeting moments together that will warm your heart every time you look back on them.

Extended Family Sessions

Extended family photography sessions that include grandparents are a great way to capture cherished memories and celebrate the bonds of family. These sessions provide an opportunity to create lasting mementos that can be treasured for generations to come. Grandparents play a significant role in the lives of their grandchildren and these sessions allow for the connection between generations to be captured and remembered.

Moving Portrait Films

While photographs are great for capturing specific moments, film adds a new dimension to the story and creates a more complete and immersive experience. The film captures the overall atmosphere and emotion of the day.

In addition to photographs, adding film to your photography package is a great way to preserve the memories. The emotional power of film makes it a cherished keepsake for years to come. We highly recommend considering adding film to your photography package, and we would love to be a part of preserving those special moments for your family