Anthea and Cameron's wedding at the Shearing Shed in Phillip Island was nothing short of perfection. With the stunning venue and a clear blue sky, it was a day straight out of a fairytale. Cameron's love for Anthea was evident in every glance he cast her way, their two precious daughters added an extra touch of sweetness to the occasion. As the bridal party photos wrapped up, the newlyweds headed off to Pyramid Rock lookout with the photographers and videographers (myself), where we captured the breathtaking sunset photos overlooking the ocean. It was a moment of pure bliss, allowing them to savor their first moments as husband and wife.


Some takeaways from this wedding

  1. Schedule Time for Sunset Photos: Amidst the flurry of activities on your wedding day, make sure to carve out some precious alone time for you and your partner. Take advantage of the magical lighting during sunset and capture breathtaking photos.
  2. Plan Your Family Photos in Advance: Make a list, Designate a reliable family to help the photographer organise the family members